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Current Projects of Non-Profit Organization in Subic Bay Philippines

Handog Karunungan Project
– A scholarship project designed for individuals who wish to pursue their studies but do not have sufficient means. Isabelita Rosueta Organization, Inc. (IROG) a non-profit organization spearheaded by the Director of LogicGateOne Corp. – a local and international provider of best SEO and quality website design services in the Philippines helps by providing them with school supplies, allowances, and tuition fees on a case-to-case basis.

IROG Community Service

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"Walk for a mile and build a bridge to lend a hand to others."

Lupang Pangako Elementary School, Iba Zambales. The Promised Land - total of 205 Aeta elementary students. Lupang Pangako is a resettlement area of the Aeta tribe displaced by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991.


The non-profit organization in Subic Bay, Philippines

IROG (Isabelita Rosueta Organization) is a non-profit foundation based in Subic Bay, Philippines that aims to bring hope to the community by fostering goodwill and cooperation through charity projects such as scholarship grants, educational activities, livelihood programs, and community-oriented projects.

It came about as a result of a common desire to give back the blessings received from personal and business ventures to the society. Moreover, it is a channel through which other individuals and groups can network their ideas and resources for implementing meaningful and fruitful endeavors on behalf of the community and society in general.

If you are also one of the individuals we are talking to, you may help and reach us at http://isabelitarosueta.org/ .


IROG Foundation Summer Camp 2014

IROG Foundation Summer Camp 2014 invites all Kids and Teens to join on a month of boosting your child’s best skills in Arts, English communication and reading comprehension, Mathematics, Science, Computer, and Sports which enables them in developing their interest for studies and enjoy and own their vacation.

Register now for a FREE summer of fun, excitement and interactive learning!


IROG Christmas Gift Giving

Spread your love and blessings this Christmas.
Sing from the heart and lend a helping hand to others.
Come and join Isabelita Rosueta Organization in our Christmas Gift Giving!


Isabelita Rosueta Organization: Our Mission

We aim to bring hope to the community by fostering goodwill and cooperation through scholarship grants, educational activities, livelihood programs, and community-oriented projects. 

IROG Charity Projects Subic Bay, Philippines

There is so much to do to ease poverty; but it all starts with feeding your spirit with the grace of thanksgiving and with acts of giving--IROG, where a soul is being generated by love.


IROG Summer Camp 2014 in Action!

"Education is the key to untie the knot of Poverty" and IROG is on the go to inculcate this to the young minds of the youth. Summer is not just about hitting the beach, learning while playing will make your summer an unforgettable one.

Enjoy and learn with us!

IROG Community Service 2015

We are all set for tomorrow's activity.

Our hearts are filled with so much excitement as we are all ready to extend help to our Aetas brothers and sisters.

No other words can express how happy we are to see their precious smiles.

IROG is on the move!